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Services and target audience


  • Fully automated KYC and AML tools for investors
  • Automatic and transparent Pre-Sales
  • Automated trading and escrow bots that allow fast and secure OTC purchases
  • Automated airdrop and bounty services
  • Coin advertising and promotion services


  • Opportunity to earn money using the capitalization growth of assets, applied in the standard economy (First Stage: services for buying and selling advertising)
  • Simple tools for creating, launching, hosting, and monitoring masternodes
  • Straightforward management and one click options for passive income earned
  • Safe investment in seeding stage of coins, before the reach an exchange

End Users

  • Simplify the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, including a convenient wallet and conversion tools • Opportunities to earn rewards through partner programs and other social platforms
  • Payment for services provided by third-party vendors
  • Buying EVOS coins and building masternodes for investment purposes.

Coin Info

Main specs

Coin name EVOS
Ticker EVOS
Type Hybrid POW+POS+MN
Algo unique only CPU mining
MN 75% rewards
POS 20% rewards min 1 000 EVOS
Dev fee 5% rewards
Block time 90 sec
Total supply 20 000 000
Premine - 1.5% 300 000
Maturity time 12 hours
MN collateral 10 000 1 201 - 90 000 blocks
15 000 after 90 000 block

Emission scheme

Block Block reward Stage
1.5% 300 000 premine
2 - 1 200 2 POW
1 201 - 21 000 22 POS+MN
10K collateral
21 001 - 28 000 45
28 001 - 35 000 55
35 001 - 42 000 65
42 001 - 49 000 55
49 001 - 60 000 52
60 001 - 90 000 40
90 001 - 120 000 45 POS+MN
15K collateral
120 001 - 180 000 35
180 001 - 350 000 20
350 001 - 700 000 15
700 001 - ...... annually reduce the reward by half


June 2018


July 2018


August 2018


September 2018


October 2018


Q4 2018

in progress

Q4 2018

First income of a bot rent deal - Beacon Coin

Release of "Earn-by-Invite" referral multilevel campaign

Release of bounty campaign automatization by EVOS-Gatekeeper BOT

Beta Service Platform Start

Webwallet release as a part of platform

Masternodes statistics and charting as a part of platform

Second exchange listing

Integration to crypto advertising PUSH-service as a EXCLUSIVE payment method

Referral marketing campaign automatization

Staking in Web platform ready

Masternode start and host as a part of platform

Buy&Sell coins using platform

Joint Discord+Telegram wallet staking ready by Telegram bot commands

Grand Telegram bot - Buy, Start, Host, Monitor your MN and Sell rewards on exchange in ONE click!

Platform release

Asia community growth

Promotion of Platform for Devs and Startup CEO’s

First income of a service platform

Strong natural demand for EVOS on exchanges

Alternative Block Explorer launch

Q1 2019

in progress

What is EVOS?

EVOS is a crypto, made to be:

Service Platform

For developers, investors, and end users of masternode coins

Native Ecosystem

To deploy, develop, promote, and implement new cryptocurrencies to traditional businesses

Means of Payments

Within the EVOS ecosystem and third party service providers

Investment Instrument

Steadily grow PoS earnings income for each coin holder


Who is the EVOS Team?

We are a team of masternode investors, software developers, and crypto enthusiasts who have joined together to make investing in cryptocurrency and masternodes simple, profitable, and secure

How can I buy EVOS coins?

You can take part in the Pre-Sale, buy coins from other community members with our OTC escrow services, or buy coins directly from the exchange. You can also earn EVOS coins through campaigns and bounties offered by the team.

Why build EVOS masternodes?

The EVOS platform will join services with developers, investors, and end users. By using EVOS exclusively on the platform for buying and selling goods and services, a sustainable and organic demand for EVOS coins will be created. Unlike speculative demand, where the only justification of the price is people’s opinion, the organic demand felt by EVOS will be more stable for the masternode rewards for investors and users alike.

When will you announce the companies who intend to integrate into the EVOS Ecosystem?

Companies will be announced once all final arrangements have been made. We will follow our Roadmap very closely and you need only wait a few weeks to find out more.

Why nicknames, will you reveal your real names?

Bilel Mokrani is the founder of EVOS and is his real name. Other teammates live I countries with differing regulations pertaining to cryptocurrency so they may choose to remain anonymous to protect themselves and their families from their governments, at least until the company is official incorporated.

Issues Resolved by EVOS

Masternodes require an understanding of Linux, VPSs, and the inner workings of QT wallets.

Buy, host, manage, and monitor your masternodes with the EVOS user interface or your favorite messengers in ONE click

Liquidating rewards requires multiple steps including exchange registration, 2FA, KYC, AML, etc. not to mention logging in at least 2 different interfaces

The EVOS platform will allow users to sell rewards for BTC with one click and sell their BTC for fiat currency with another click

Your favorite stores and markets do not accept the cryptocurrency you earned through your investments in masternode coins.

Through the one click liquidation offered by EVOS, investors will be able to obtain fiat and transfer it to your credit card via the fiat payment gateway integration.

No proven or implemented use case

Over 5 companies are confirmed planning to integrate into the EVOS ecosystem.

Buying masternode coins during Pre-Sale is risky.

EVOS will provide Pre-Sale and Auction bots and services to provide a more secure investment.

Peer-to-peer transactions outside of an exchange are risky and investors lose money to scams.

Escrow services and peer-to-peer trading bots with EVOS will reduce the risk of lost assets.


Bilel Mokrani

Bilel Mokrani

Chief Executive Officer, startup manager, crypto enthusiast and venture capitalist, cofounder



Serial entrepreneur, early blockchain investor, cofounder



IT architect, high loaded systems developer, cofounder



Chief Marketing Officer, cofounder



Software developer, cofounder



Blockchain developer, automation and computer-integrated technologies



Director of communications



Software Engineer, crypto-geek, IT integration and automation